Event Schedule



3:00pm Florence Poets Society
5:00pm The Medicinal Purpose
7:00pm Johnny Memphis Band
8:00pm Free Range Cats
9:00pm Beige

3-8:00pm Beer and Wine tasting
6-8:00pm Fancy Trash, And the Neighbors

Cycle Pottery, 225 Nonotuck St Unit A (right behind the historical Florence society) 3-8 pm  – demos, coffee, tea, Black Vineyard Wine & cheese. Pottery for sale, student gallery, pit fires and so much more!  Join us and meet many local potters throughout the evening that will be available to speak with and provide you with some basic instructions.

Free Pottery Demonstrations by:
3-6:00pm Try your Hands at Wheel Throwing with Kathryn Kothe, Owner of CyclePottery
3-5:00pm Barbara Sheehy from Barcelona: burnishing technique
5-6:00pm Andy Quient: wheel throwing
6-8:00pm Amalia Fourhawkes: glass glazing coiled pots
6-7:00pm Bike Maintenance Clinic with Speed and Sprocket Cycle Works



The Jack and Jill Project

This year, the kids of Free to be a Child early childhood program have explored lots of poetry, including many beloved nursery rhymes, during weekly “poetry teatimes.” We have also spent a lot of time exploring favorite places in our community, especially “the hill,” where we like to run, roll, sled, and tumble up and down. When we thought about the possibility of creating a “gift for the hill” for Florence Night Out, a connection emerged: Jack and Jill also went up and down a hill! What if we put Jack and Jill on our hill? And so the Jack and Jill project was born. Free to be a Child invites you to participate in this interactive collaboration of two beloved favorites of childhood: Mother Goose and the hill.

Free to be a Child is a Reggio-inspired program for preschoolers and homeschoolers located in the heart of Florence. Children aged 2 through 7 have spent the last few months preparing their version of “Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill” to share with their community.


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