Florence Night Out, May 6, 2016

12783675_1104472499603551_1638131287729634225_o (1)It’s almost spring, and most of the snow has melted, the flowers early spring blooms are coming out, and there is an air around town that spring may have finally put the last nail in the coffin of Winter 2015-2016.

Now that things are starting to warm up, it is time to get out for Florence Night Out! There has been a huge (yuuge?) outpouring of support this year from local businesses and the art community. We also got a grant from Arts Boston and listed on their calendar. From now until the event, we will be posting updates here and on our Facebook page.

See you all May 6th!



Florence Night Out

After producing Florence Night Out for one and a half years, Donnabelle Casis decided to return focus to her own work. She handed the reigns to


Joshua Braska of Valley Free Radio in November 2014. Josh had collaborated with Donnabelle on Florence Night Out since the first one in September 2012. She had laid the foundation for the event and Josh had promoted FNO on his radio show.

Valley Free Radio supports the local music scene. Together with local musicians, artists, and businesses, VFR will continue to take the vision of creativity and community forward with Florence Night Out.

FNO Fall 2014 Highlights

FNO Artists + Performers: the tinydance project


Kelly Silliman (Photo by Cher Lemire)
Kelly Silliman (Photo by Cher Lemire)

What would art look like if we no longer had high tech resources available to us?
How do we experience dance performance without electronic lights and sound systems?
How can we remain optimistic and good-natured in the face of doomsday predictions?

The tinydance project seeks to answer these questions as they relate to dance and performance, and to facilitate interdisciplinary conversations and events highlighting the intersection of arts and sustainability.  Kelly Silliman (the project’s creator), was inspired by the Tiny House movement and various Slow Living concepts, and the project encompasses a variety of dance works made for small, sustainable spaces, including the tinydance stage.  The stage is a 4’x8′ platform that breaks down into thirds and can be towed by bicycle to performance venues.  It can be set up in under fifteen minutes, and is constructed from wood with a marley dance floor surface.

Kelly says: “The long term goals for the tinydance project center around the facilitation of — or participation in — interdisciplinary, community-building events that use live performances as starting points for broader conversations about sustainability, culture, the arts, and the future of our world. Building a strong sense of community lies at the heart of my artistic work and my beliefs about our collective future. I am always interested in connecting with others in my immediate community, supporting local economy, and being a part of events that bring local citizens and businesses together, so the ultra local focus of Florence Night Out seemed like an ideal environment in which to present the tinydance project”

MAIN ST. (exact location TBA)