Soldier On, Veterans to display art at VFW for FNO


We are very proud to announce that we will be having an art opening downstairs at the VFW for Soldier On and Northampton Veteran Affairs artists. Mona Dudley, Michael King, Dawn LeHouiller and John Dennis will have their work displayed downstairs at the VFW for the afternoon.

“I knew I wanted Soldier On and the VA involved in Florence Night Out somehow. They are an important part of the community, and as a veteran myself, it is important that we honor their service, regardless of how we feel about war. I am very happy that we are able to show some of their work, and I hope people can gain some perspective into their lives through their art.” Joshua Braska, FNO organizer.

Please be sure to come to the VFW to see the display and enjoy some of the local music

“Veterans Community Arts Initiative, Unique Imagery Born of Personal Experience”


Soldier On’s Veterans Community Arts Initiative engages homeless veterans in the arts and cultural activities to promote healing and expand veterans’ social and personal networks of support. Soldier On’s mission is to end homelessness among veterans by providing permanent, sustainable, safe and affordable housing that veterans own and operate with support services. Soldier On fosters an environment of integrity, dignity and hope to assist veterans in regaining physical and mental stability, housing and employment. The ultimate goal is to help veterans to become fully enfranchised and contributing members of their community. 


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