Free to be a Child’s “Gift for the Hill: Children Flying”

Final sculptures in progress

Free to be a Child early childhood program have been putting an art installation together for FNO! Using wire, paper, and many other materials the children have made sculptures for everyone to enjoy on Saturday. Titled “Gift for the Hill: Children Flying”, the sculptures will celebrate the relationship between themselves and a favorite place.

The kids of Free to be a Child early childhood program adore the hill at the Florence Arts and Business Center. They roll, run, slide, and tumble down it in in all seasons, and turn into wild animals, fairies, and explorers as they play there. This spring, we’ve been studying photos of ourselves at play there, and have been inspired to create “a gift for the hill”–a kid-made temporary art installation celebrating the relationship between the children and that magical space.

In their own words-

“We want to give a present for the hill to decorate it.”

“Kids playing! That’s what ours is going to be about.”

“And people will see that Free to be a Child is learning.”

“And working hard.”

“And we are all artists!”

They’ve spent weeks creating larger-than-life sculptures of children flying down the hill. Please come celebrate their joy with us on the hill beside the Florence Community Center.


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