Thursday on Valley Free Radio, Cup and Top Performers

11169546_827633173993566_731864788424605176_oThis Thursday, the Valley will get a little preview of what to expect on June 20 at Cup and Top.

The Quiz Show with Josh Braska aka Whiz Quiz is on 103.3 FM Valley Free Radio from 6-9 a.m. every Thursday morning bringing local music, news of the weird, and special guests. This week, there will be a spotlight on the Cup and Top performers.

Florence Night Out and Valley Free Radio would like to thank the Cup and Top for their full and continued support of the community, the arts, and this event.

Here is the line up!

3:00pm The Leafies You Gave Me

4:00pm Wishbone Zoe

5:00pm HampImprov (improv students from Heidi Haas’ improv class, ages 8+)

6:00pm Mad Habits

7:00pm Flame N’ Peach & the Liberated Waffles


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