Mikey Sweet at JJ’s Tavern

mikeysweet_photo_gal_all_photo_1320449912The first time I heard Mikey Sweet was at Luthier’s in Easthampton. I was on my way home and didn’t feel quite like finishing the trip yet, so I went in to grab a Ginger Libation. It was early if you were late and late if you were old, but the place was full none the less. I saw four guys on stage and decided to give them a try.

What happened next is hard to tell. I stayed for one drink, but in that time I heard some great songs. There’s something about Americana-rock in a room full of guitars and candle light that just whispers of western Massachusetts, especially with songs about Mill River. The atmosphere at Luthier’s is homey to begin with, but Mikey’s music made all of us feel a little closer to where we were.

A few weeks later, Mikey was playing at the Iron Horse and came on my radio show. We talked about music, of course, but we also talked about some of the themes, mainly jail and our experiences in and around it. The North King is Mikey Sweet’s newest album available online where music is sold. He will also have CDs available at JJ’s Tavern on June 20th at 5:00pm for Florence Night Out.


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