FNO Artists + Performers: Free Range Cats


Free Range CatsFree Range Cats is a 5 piece band of valley veterans. The previous projects associated with these guys are impressive…… King Radio, The Drunk Stuntmen, Shokazoba, Page 6, The Lisa Palumbo Band, and an oldie but goodie (from the 90’s).. Rockin Dave and The Rent Party.
This is an instrumental-based band with a peppering of vocals in just the right spots. New Orleans, Afro beat, funk, some soul inspired bits and some simple songs that tell great stories. One minute you are moving to an upbeat, body moving jam, with chaotic yet beautiful horns and then it will quiet down to a whisper with a cool ballad.
Out front is Dave Trenholm; an exciting horn player, who has been a go to guy for years. Dave takes center stage for the first time… it’s worth the trip just hear him play. Tasteful piano and organ playing, percussion reminiscent of Fela and The Talking Heads and a bass and drum combo that lock the whole thing together. That’s right…. no guitar player folks. Though the horn stands out front, this is an ensemble and everybody shines.

Greg Eramo says: “Florence Night Out is a big deal for the neighborhood….. there’s a lot of talent behind all these doors and some great shops owned by some even greater people. FNO reminds me of an outdoor version of the Pro Brush building (Arts and Industry) open houses from when I had a studio there in the mid 90’s. I hope FNO continues to evolve and pop up many times per year. Walking out my front door to a party is always great fun.
Free Range Cats have been a band for almost 3 years and it all started in a basement just a few feet from the bike path in the center of town. Sometimes when we stop playing you can hear a few claps and a woohoo(!) coming from outside. So the idea of putting our faces to the sounds will be nice.”

93 MAIN ST. (Upton-Massamont Coldwell Banker)


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